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“I came to RAID to get some self confidence and get fitter, RAID has done exactly that, i am fitter and more confident. You need to try this system and get on a course or come to a class.”

Louise, School Teacher

“I came to RAID to boost my confidence and to learn about self defence. I have learnt about the laws and what i can and cannot do as well as boosting my self confidence.”

Steve, Bike Mechanic

“RAID is a different means to protect yourself, i have been doing other martial arts for years and RAID works the best. Ultimately it enables me to protect my family if a situation occurs.”

Richard, Offshore Worker

“As a women and not being very big, in the short time i have been doing RAID i already feel more confident and aware of my surroundings. I recommend it to women to deal with the potential attacks of today.”

Francesca, Teacher

“I came to RAID with experience of other martial arts, i was recommended by a friend. It has developed my self belief and i have been doing it for 3 years now.”

Chris, Apprentice Engineer

“I came to RAID for a taster session and really enjoyed it. RAID for me has given me confidence and helped with my fitness as i was always over-weight. RAID helps you in situations to protect yourself”

Mark, Traffic Planner

“I am more aware of situations now and I know how to handle myself. I feel more confident because if I was in a bad situation, I would know how to deal with it.” Star has helped to produce a poster campaign which encourages young people to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe.

Star Kent, Fixers UK