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Self Defence Instructors Courses

“Our professional self defence instructors course has been carefully designed to provide a proven business model for those that wish to deliver personal security and self defence as a second income or part of an existing business”


Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) is a uniquely different approach to modern self defence and conflict management through advanced scientific research supported by core principles that have been pressure tested in the real world. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Elite Special Forces, which has become one of the fastest taught and learnt systems today by both Military, Security and Civilian sectors.

By becoming an instructor you will be licensed to deliver this unique system and its qualification at level 3 to men and women in your designated areas. So if you have ever thought about becoming a Personal Security Life Coach and Self Defence instructor, or are looking to start a new career or supplement your income giving back to society invaluable skills in personal security and defence then this course might be for you.


Anyone can take this course that want to teach others the RAID philosophy and system to create a safer and more confident lifestyle. If you have existing experience such as Military, Security or Martial Arts then this will amplify your existing experience.


The aim of the course is to take those that have gained the RAID Level 3, through an intensive 5 day package, that will enable them to not only learn how to deliver the IQ Level 3 RAID Course but also pass the assessment qualifying them as a licensed RAID instructor.

The following will be delivered on the course:

  • Learn how to deliver learning to adults in accordance with the Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (Ptlls).
  • Understand how to write and apply lesson plans to the RAID System.
  • Understand the 1-2-3 of business and marketing.
  • Learn how to deliver effective but safe scenario replications.
  • Complete at least 6 teaching sessions.
  • Truly understand the finite principals and concepts of the RAID Syllabus.

    Successful candidates will receive an Industry Qualification (IQ) Organisational Award at Level 3 entitled “RAID Self Defence Instruction” which is equivalent to an “A” Level. You will then sign the licensee agreement for the courses you will deliver.


    You will or should have completed the level 3 RAID Self defence program prior or during to be eligible to take this exam.


    The cost is £800 which includes:

  • Full instructor manual and business pack.
  • 5 Day intensive course.
  • 10 X Student Manuals.
  • All student course notes, power points, marketing material (posters etc).
  • Certification and insurance through British Combat Association*.

    All our course programs provide the following:
    • Friendly learning environment.
    • Professional instruction.
    • Easy to learn concepts that work.
    • Student manual.
    • IQ Certificate once achieved.

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