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Self Defence Courses

“The R.A.I.D Self Defence Courses build knowledge which dispels fear and creates confidence to empower you in our modern world”.

The Rapid Action Initiated Self Defence Courses are designed to focus on the Pre and Post conflict elements of self defence as well as the physical. Now most traditional arts teach a technical graded system, stating, if you learn certain moves then you will be awarded the next grade. Some others insist that you fight in a competitive manner within the realm of rules in order to earn your next grade. Both of which don’t guarantee your safety on the street. Many black belts have been injured on the street due to the fact that the attacker didn’t conform to rules or their art.

H2H self defence courses are specifically geared to streets and the real world. Through the analysis of video or statements of violence of the streets today RAID provides solutions to avoid and if necessary, de-escalate and defend. Prevention is better than the cure and self defence is 60% psychological, 25% emotional and only 15% physical.

The self defence courses manual that you work to have questions or think points which ask you to write about your experiences and new found knowledge. The information you provide is gathered together in a portfolio and with the practical assessment forms the Level 3 qualification which is the equivalent to an A level (see self defence courses for men and women). The reason we have gone the academic route is it is better to have a qualification that is recognised and helps in your portfolio and CV development but it also makes you study the underlying principals of personal security and personal defence.


All our course programs provide the following:
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Professional Instruction.
  • RAID Manual and Insurance.
  • Improved Awareness and Observation Skills.
  • Defence against today’s Most Common Attacks to Men & Women.
  • Access to the Edged Weapons Defence (The EDGE Awareness Program).
  • Access to the RAIDFIT class to keep you fit and healthy.
  • How to remain legal with the Legal Triangle and Law package.
  • Scenario Replication which helps with confidence and empowerment.

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The 5 D's of self defence.
To achieve empowered personal security.

Take your first step to a safer life in a modern world.

  • Deterrence
  • Detection
  • Defuse
  • Defend
  • Desensitise