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Self Defence Classes

“Our weekly R.A.I.D Self Defence classes create a group unity of like minded individuals that want to develop self confidence and personal security knowledge in a friendly enjoyable environment”

The Rapid Action Initiated self-defence classes can be taken weekly with professionally trained and qualified instructors. The structure of our classes are broken down into five core elements which are warm-up and class introduction, basic defence training and fitness, conceptual defence teaching, scenario replication and warm down. External to this you will be provided with assignments so that you gain the academic understanding to qualify for your IQ Level 3 qualification.

RAID self defence classes are scientifically matched to the most common attacks of the streets and the real world today. Classes maybe for men or women or combined classes which are not traditionally driven in that we use all mediums to conducive learning such as analysing video or statements of violence of the streets today and practice such solutions to avoid and if necessary de-escalate and defend (we try and learn from others mistakes). We say prevention is better than the cure and that self defence is 60% psychological, 25% emotional and only 15% physical, so classes are interesting and personally rewarding.

Like the courses all class students are provided the self defence classes RAID manual full insurance and a logbook from the British Combat Association (BCA).


All our course programs provide the following:
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Professional Instruction.
  • RAID Manual and Insurance.
  • Improved Awareness and Observation Skills.
  • Defence against today’s Most Common Attacks to Men & Women.
  • Access to the Edged Weapons Defence (The EDGE Awareness Program).
  • Access to the RAIDFIT class to keep you fit and healthy.
  • How to remain legal with the Legal Triangle and Law package.
  • Scenario Replication which helps with confidence and empowerment.

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The 5 D's of self defence.
To achieve empowered personal security.

Take your first step to a safer life in a modern world.

  • Deterrence
  • Detection
  • Defuse
  • Defend
  • Desensitise