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Womens Self Defence

Women face a variety of different potential attacks from muggings, sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence to physical assault. Allot of attacks are not so much physical but actually physiological in that the power is the main motivational goal and the physical is the means to effect this. Thats why womens self defence is so important. It has been recorded that:

1 out of 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
4 out of 5 women who fight back will get themselves out of the situation.
1 in 20 women in England have been a victim of rape according to Home Office Statistics.
Almost 1 in 5 reported rapes in London are now drug assisted.
Attacks on Children according to the Home Office find that 25% of rape victims are children.
About 50% of child abuse victims never report the abuse according to the National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse.
Those that have conducted and learnt women’s self defense moves are more likely to be successful.

With these statistics you need to learn how to defend yourself, well that would be what a normal instructor would say to you. RAID is about empowerment within a situation and environment, its all well and good learning technique after technique but unless you feel empowered you will never use anything you have learnt when you need it. Our woman’s street survival package will educate, train and empower you to self believe you can survive no matter what the odds.

RAID enables Women and Children to develop their awareness and survivability skills so that we empower you to live your life safely. Contact us if you wish a discreet and confidential talk on what we can offer and in particular one on one training and women’s only courses or classes.

Womens Self Defence Video

womens self defence

Womens Defence: What will you learn?

  • SAFER Guide to Personal Security
  • Awareness and Observation Skills
  • Todays Most Common Attacks to Women
  • No-Means-No Strategies
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Edged Weapons Defence (The EDGE Awareness Program)
  • The Legal Triangle and Law in relation to Women
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Womens Self Defence: The benefits

  • Conflict Management and Breakaway Concepts
  • Practical Self Defence & Street Awareness
  • Self Confidence and Positive Attitude Development
  • Empowerment and Personal Safety
  • Cardio Fitness, Toning and Weight Management through RAIDFIT
  • “A” Level Equivalent Qualification (IQ Level 3 Certificate)
  • Womens self defence for the real world
self defence for women

Womens Self Defence Classes and Courses

You can take the RAID program by either class or courses. The RAID classes are normally once a week (1-per week) over a period of time or continually for approximately an hour, you will learn self defence concepts, scenario replications and have the added RAIDFIT element to each class. The RAID Courses are blended learning in that you complete an online theoretical module before attending a two day intensive course (normally Saturday & Sunday), this will enable you to totally immerse yourself in the system. Click on the link for womens self defence courses or to find an instructor below: