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Self Defence

Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) is a uniquely different approach to modern self defence and conflict management. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Military Forces, which has become one of the fastest taught and learnt systems today by both Military and Civilian sectors.

This unique system has been designed to follow a systematic 5 step process of a confrontation, which you can learn and retain in such a short space of time due to the conceptual approach we employ. The RAID system has been created to give you a balanced recipe, to successfully defend yourself and provide heightened confidence in dealing with violent or hazardous confrontations. RAID is unbiased of gender, age, ability or physical stature and is available to anyone that wishes to learn the system, we have present students that range in age from 14 to 62 years old who all enjoy the learning environment.

This system is designed for people who live in the real world burdened by time constraints, finance and personal circumstances. This program is for those of you that require the benefits of being safe and secure but without the traditional life time of study. This is achieved by a conceptual way of study and not technical which makes the system un-perishable and easy to remember, when you need it most.

The Self Defense Mind

The Defensive Body

Self Defence Qualifications


Mens Defence

The Mens Self defence program from H2H Defence is a unique system that focusses on real life attacks of today from ego fuelled attacks, multiple attacks and edged weapons attacks defence concepts that really work. Click learn more to find out.

Women’s Defence

Our Womens self defence is geared to developing empowerment and self confidence which will create a winning belief system. You will be guided through common attack defence concepts specific to females. Click learn more to find out.

Knife Defence

H2H Defence has designed the EDGE (Edged Weapons – Desensitised – Guided – Environments) Awareness program which can provide a IQ level 2 Qualification. Click learn more to find out.


Defence Classes

Our classes are conducted once per week and are generally an hour long. They include a warm-up, pressure test, conceptual self defense training, scenario replication and RAIDFIT. Click on the learn more to find out.

Defence Courses

The IQ Level 3 courses are blended learning in that you complete a theory module online through our e-learning partner SecureMinds before taking the 2 day intensive weekend (Sat – Sun) course. Click learn more to find out.


Our testimonials are the backbone of our validity and here you will see what a lot of our students say about not only the RAID system but also our instructors. We pride ourselves on the amount of lives we have changed. Click learn more to find out.



“Self Defence for the Real World”