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Self Defence Testimonials

“I have completed many self defence programs and participated in many classes over the years, however the level of knowledge and training H2H instructors provide is above reproach. You can see the comprehensive training not only in self defence and personal security but also teaching is excellent.”
T.Haines (Female)

“I have never studied any form of martial arts or self defence and was concerned this would hinder me during the intensive course.. It was a shock and relief when i found that it made no difference as by the end of the 3 days i was the same standard and ability as those that had been training for years.”
C. McCormick (Male)

“Due to the fact that i had been badly beaten in an attack, Tremaine was very empathetic and reassured me during my training. He has empowered me to live a full life without the worry of being a victim again.”
S.May (Female)

“I’ve had an interest in martial arts for many years and wanted to know more about this, a system which it was claimed, could be learnt in three days – about that I was skeptical. However, having attended the training and being impressed by it I want to compare it with the other disciplines that I had used. I went to London and took on two masters in Aikido – actually they were Black Belts. Using RAID techniques I was able to floor both men quickly and decisively. This speaks volumes for the effectiveness of RAID and I am sold on it and plan to become a trainer myself.”
L Calder (Male)

“Hi Tremaine it’s mike, i did the course with you back in 2010 and ive since dne other self defence courses. But the other week i was confronted by 2 men and attacked and the only self defence course that saved me was the RAID system, so i just wanted to say Thank You. It surprised me how after only just one weekend of training how easy it was to remember what you had taught me.” Thanks again Mike
M Clarke (Male)