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Self Defence Instructors

H2H Self Defence Instructors are unlike many that have previously derived from martial arts backgrounds trying to teach self defense training, in that they are more like Personal Security Life Coaches that not only have the qualifications but have the added security experience which enables them to coach you through your personal security needs and defence training program. This unique approach stems from the founders vision of the 5D’s of defence and Safer approach to personal security contained within the RAID Manual, which is a well documented, factual and easy to read manual of personal security, self defence and conflict management via paperback, mobile App, e-book or e-learning versions .

When you are under the instruction from one of our self defence instructors you know you are in good hands and as well as teaching you how to physically defend yourself, they will also help develop your confidence, personal belief and security awareness. This form of training is different from so many others that just focus on the practical aspects with no thought to pre and post conflict which is if not more important than the defence concepts.

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Self Defence Instructors

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Our IQ Level 3 RAID Self Defence Instructor course is an intensive 5 day program which not only covers self defence but also how to teach effectively. The training is for anyone that wishes to become a personal security life coach and deliver our licensed programs as a second job or as a career change.

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If you are interested in training with one of our qualified self defence and personal security life coach instructors to become safer on the volatile streets of today or if you just need assistance in your own personal security then click the link below to find an instructor in your area or nearest to you.

Instructor Courses

Our Industry Qualification (IQ) and British Combat Association (BCA) approved Level 2 and Level 3 Self Defence, Conflict Management and Fitness instructors training courses provide, in-depth teaching development for those wishing to start a new career or work part time to supplement their income.



“Qualified Self Defence Instructors for the Real World”