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Self Defence Instructor Training

There are many self defence instructors programs out there that offer you an instructors qualification after only a few days training. What can you learn in a few days, not to mention that how can you teach what you have just learnt. These types of courses offer no support and definitely no backup after you have completed the course. H2H Defence takes pride in its teachings and as such we don’t allow this type of education to happen.

After completing our level 3 self defence course, which can be taken in a class or intensively over 2 days blended learning, you may wish to deliver the course as an instructor in personal security and self defence. This may be as a second part time or full time vocation. The 5 day course is intensive and by the end you should have gained the Rapid Action Initiated Defence Instructors level 3 and Instruction equivalent Ptlls Syllabus. You will also be provided with a webpage and business development suite.

Introduction to RAID Self Defence Instructors Video


What will you learn on the instructors course:

During the 5 days you will learn the basics of teaching (in accordance with Ptlls) and how to effectively deliver a self defence class. You will also cover the business side of the RAID system and be provided with a proven model of conduct, so that when you leave the course you will have everything in order to start your own school. You will complete up to 6 assessed teaching practices from the RAID Level 3 program to ensure your delivery is professional and to the required standard in accordance with Industry Qualifications (IQ).


What are the Benefits of becoming an instructor:

  • A new and challenging career or part time vocation
  • Teaching delivery of a proven system
  • Become a Personal Security Life Coach
  • Get paid for doing something you are passionate about
  • Gain a professional Qualification
  • Create potential earnings of £20,000 per year

What to do next and how to apply:

There are various instructors courses we provide depending on what your level of qualifications are and what you want to deliver and teach. The best way to start is to view our instructors courses to see which category you fit into and then email us with your request. To learn more about what instructor courses we provide click on the link below: