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Security, Close Protection and Door Supervisors deal with violent situations as the role of duty. They have to be very careful not only about their own personal safety but what they might cause or their actions trigger. We live in a suing time civil and human rights limit our actions. If you breach these rights that will effect your personal and work life too as employers are really sensitive about satisfying their customers and definitely about keeping their rights. Following RAID principles you will be able to deal with difficult situations and protect yourself if you have to and not braking the law. You will also be able to justify your action in court as courtroom survival is part of our package.

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Protective Security Defence Course

The RAID Protective Security Defence program (PSD) is a unique course that fills the knowledge void or the standard SIA course and that need in reality from a working perspective. This one day course will provide you with the answers to make your working environment more professional and secure.

Humanitarian Aid Worker Defence

Our Humanitarian Aid Worker defence module is a combined bespoke training platform specific to those that work within war torn countries providing invaluable aid. The course has been designed to develop personal security confidence to the aid worker, whilst providing practical realistic skills.

Security Defence Instructors

Our Security Defence Instructors have many years experience within the security sector as well as teaching self defence and conflict management. It is only through this exceptional experience are they permitted under license to deliver this program as it is not just about physical defence.


“Security Self Defence for the Modern professional Operative”