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RAID Founder

Self Defence Great Yarmouth

As an instructor in 10 different systems, i realised at an early stage of my life that there is no one complete system and thus i had to relate my circumstances to the system that i had learnt at that time. this became confusing and i soon began to use the same concepts over and over again when dealing with physical situations. After some time i started to write down my ideas and when i shared them with fellow students the system started to grow. If you look at what’s out there at the moment there seems to be an emphasis on what is popular and if you examine the origin of some of the systems you will discover that what was good for a military organisation is not always good for the everyday person, not to mention the legal consequence of what you have been taught.

Whilst working in Northern Ireland within Bomb Disposal we used a system called RAID which was a disrupter (a metal cylinder that has a shotgun cartridge one end and compressed water the other end). Now the idea was to fire the disrupter at a device (Bomb) which would fire the water at such velocity that any electric circuit inside the bomb could not initiate and explode. This controlled explosion gave me the idea to relate this to the human anatomy. The brain controls your limbs, movement etc just like the electronic circuit of a bomb. If you disrupt the thought process then the limbs and movement are cancelled out which is a shift in the predator prey mentality of an attacker. This scientific approach which i researched in great detail with friend and colleague Richard Dimitri, is not only undeniable to prevent but also easy to apply by anyone, making is not gender, age or physical prowess biased.

Introduction to RAID Self Defence Video


About Tremaine Kent:

Tremaine has over 18 years of combative experience and has evolved his own system called RAID. His personal abilities compliment the system with 14 years military service, serving with the UK Armed Forces. Since leaving he has taken an active role in the security industry from becoming the first chairman appointed head of Close Protection Development of Skills for Security Organization to teaching bodyguards internationally and working as a close protection operative all over the world.


Tremaine Kent’s Qualifications:

  • R.A.I.D Founder and Chief instructor
  • Senshido UK Affiliate Instructor
  • Kapap & Krav Maga Instructor
  • R.A.T Rapid Assault Tactics, I.C.Q.C & RBSD Instructor
  • Redman Instructor & Military Arrest & Restraint Instructor
  • Ptlls C&G C&G 7304 Trainer & C&G 1886 Conflict Management Instructor
  • BCUC Close Protection Instructor & CRB Checked
  • IQ & CIEH Professional Trainer. FdA Protective Security

What people say about Tremaine:

Richard Dimitri – Founder Senshido said; “Tremaine Kent is one of the best tacticians I have had the pleasure of working with. His ability to break down a confrontation and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a situation are just some of his greatest talents. Where he truly shines is as an educator/instructor as his passion is unbridled and you can see that he truly cares not only about the materials in which he is imparting, but for each and every individual he works with. The RAID System is what the UK Needs”.