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Protective Security Course

The time of the old fashion job role of a ‘Bodyguard’ is history. Even the name is mainly used only by the media or the public not professionals within the industry. Present day Close Protection Operatives (CPO’s) have a wide range of skills gained by special training which prepares them for difficult life situations and makes them able to deal with those affairs. Mostly by preventing situations from happening and not by letting them develop and then engage into conflict. Close Protection Operatives’ on a operational level have to be able to deal with every phase of the situation from before it happens to the aftermath. On a personal level RAID Self Defence System does exactly that by covering the A to Z of a potential conflict or situation. Our five modules make you able to foresee and prevent confrontations or make you able to deal with them either verbally or physically. Practically it makes you your own Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) or if you already are a professional helps you improve yourself by giving you a better understanding in all aspects of personal safety.

What we teach in relation to the SIA
Due to the fact that the Security Industry Authority (SIA) have licensed this sector and developed the National Occupational Standards (NO’s) the level of training doesn’t include physical intervention. We teach much more than just self defence to close protection operatives. This is due to the years of teaching operatives from many companies and looking at there requirements.

Who have we taught and who will we train
H2H Defence has developed a unique program that has been taught to over 300+ close protection operatives working in the UK and hostile environments for such companies as: • CTR High Risk Security & Investigations Services Ltd. • Control Risk Group. • Armor Group. • Aegis to name a few. What we have found over the years is that more and more operatives need to have hand to hand skills due to the nature of the work, weather you are working as the Security Advance Party (SAP), Personal Escort Section (PES) or an Individual Personal Protection Operative (PPO) more and more operatives are training with us. It is also apparent that other training providers have started trying to enter the security market, this influx doesn’t mean they are all good, as most of them have never worked within security and try to bend an existing system to work in our environment.

The men and women operatives we teach are those that would like to perfect existing skills and develop new ones to add to their continual professional development program. “By drafting principles of thought process, we can establish an inherent system that is triggered by spontaneous reactions like the flinch reflex and survival instinct. What we need to do is educate you on how to make that process better and add the fluent options idea of thinking to counter any follow up,”. RAID also deals with pre and post-conflict situations, including tools to establish the means of preventing or winning a situation and encouraging dialogue to prevent post-traumatic stress and make you a more confident and effective operative.

Protective Security Defence Video

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H2H Protective Security Defence Benefits:

  • Advance your practical skills in defusing conflict.
  • Learn Simplistic skills and concepts that work.
  • Develop Non-agressive concepts that work under stressful conditions.
  • Fulfil the knowledge void of legal physical intervention.
  • A designed Mental Blueprint which will become instinctive to you.
  • A Qualification that amplifies your understanding and adds continual professional development.
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Protective Security Defence Qualification:

Our Protective Security Defence Qualification has been approved by Industry Qualifications (IQ) and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 2 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of knowledge and level of achievement involved. The course delivered over 1 day has a simply multiple choice tick test and Practical scenario based assessment, which leads to the IQ Level 2 RAID Protective Security Defence Qualification.

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