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Lone Worker Course

Lone workers face many hazards during their working day, however many don’t have adequate training to deal with such hazards. Training is particularly important where there is limited supervision to control, guide and help in situations of uncertainty. Training may be critical to avoid panic reactions in unusual situations. Lone workers need to be sufficiently experienced and to understand the risks and precautions fully. Employers should set the limits to what can and cannot be done while working alone. They should ensure employees are competent to deal with circumstances, which are new, unusual, or beyond the scope of training, for example how to handle aggression. SecureMinds has dedicated allot of time in developing the first interactive lone worker training program.

This course has been designed by SecureMinds and CTR Services and forms the core competencies for lone working. This is the first time that such a professional dual lone worker course and mobile panic alarm system has been combined to provide a comprehensive solution. The course is broken down into 6 modules which are delivered through our professional Learning Management System. Each module includes an interactive video tutor who will guide you through the course and provide invaluable information, advice and guidance. There are also interactive mini quizzes to evaluate your understanding of the content and test your understanding, within the LMS you will also be able to access resources such as downloadable fact sheets and on successful completion a certificate of completion. The course can be standalone or joint with our SOS Protect panic alarm depending on your lone worker needs. The downloadable pdf fact sheets that provide the backbone of the course material for further and future reading and reference and lastly the information regarding SOSProtect panic alarm system.

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H2H Lone Worker Course Benefits:

  • Easy Modular E-Learning delivery.
  • Provides Duty of Care.
  • Creates a confident work environment.
  • Develops personal security.
  • Follows the HSE Guidelines.
  • Self Certificated for HR Departments.
EDGE Awareness Seminar

Lone Worker Course

Our Lone Worker Course has been designed by CTR Services and Secure Minds to provide an e-learning course that will provide the duty of care needed for your employees that work alone. The course is modular and has an easy to follow platform hosted by Secure Minds LMS. The course can be purchased individually or in bulk for large organisations at a fraction of the original cost making it a professional and cost effective duty of care solution.

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