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Humanitarian Aid Worker Defence

Those working in hostile environments bringing help to victims, frequently put themselves in harm’s way and subject themselves to stress, fears and danger which most people never experience. Whilst the qualities of these humanitarians are highly commendable their lives can be made much safer by having thorough training and being made mentally and physically prepared for what may challenge them. Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) is a uniquely different approach to modern self defence, fear control, stress and conflict management. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Military Forces, which has become one of the fastest taught and learnt systems today by both Military and Civilian sectors. We have designed a scientific approach to self defence that follows a physical confrontation from start to finish. What that means is that we develop Pre-Contact, Contact and Post-Contact packages broken down into 5 easy to understand modules known as the 5D’s of Defence. Believe it or not that only 15% of self defence is the physical and that is why you can learn the RAID system in such a short space of time.

Ability to Control Fear
There are numerous instances in which aid workers have not only been in the line of fire but have been exposed to many types of danger – the very nature of their work puts them in harm’s way. By understanding that fear is a natural reaction to danger and understanding that it can be handled the aid worker is empowered to taking control and making the best out of an otherwise dangerous situation. Many aspects of fear are in the imagination – in fact imagination is a stepping stone to being afraid. RAID will teach how to control that imagination and to enhance the chances of a bad situation having a positive outcome.

Ability to Control Acute and Chronic Stress
Acute stress is that experienced immediately following and attack and can, if not managed, lead to a loss of self confidence and .degradation of performance. Continued exposure to acute stress can manifest itself in the chronic phase which reflects on all aspects of a person’s well-being. RAID teaches how to deal with stress and put the acute into perspective and how to minimize the effects of stress when it becomes chronic. Humanitarian workers do not only have to confront the usual stresses of daily living but also those found in war zones. By keeping the mind sound the performance in the field will be strengthened and made as fully effective to the extent possible.

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Aid Worker Defence Benefits:

  • Awareness and Conflict Management Concepts.
  • Basic simplistic concepts.
  • None Aggressive concepts for use in the workplace.
  • Self Confidence and Positive Attitude Development.
  • A designed Mental Blueprint which will become instinctive to you.
  • A Qualification that amplifies your understanding.
EDGE Awareness Seminar

Aid Worker Defence Qualification Course

Our Aid Worker defence Qualification has been approved by Industry Qualifications (IQ) and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 2 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of knowledge and level of achievement involved. The course delivered over 3 hours to 1 day has a simply multiple choice tick test and Practical scenario based assessment, which leads to the IQ Level 2 RAID Conflict Resolution & Breakaway Concepts Qualifications.

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