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Dudley Self Defence – Vincent Chang

Dudley Self Defence School created by Vincent Chang, who has worked in the security industry for 25 years and has a vast amount of experience in security and conflict management. Vincent is passionate about helping individuals develop the confidence to deal with modern day conflict and his enthusiasm in delivering the RAID system is second to none, hence opening the Dudley Self Defence School. Vincent completed his RAID instructor’s course and is one of the first instructors to have graduated from the instructor school in Great Yarmouth. He now conducts training and classes through the Dudley Self Defence School.

Vincent has always had a keen interest in personal security and protection and has attended Krav Maga and kick boxing sessions. His real passion though is in practical self defense training and he has been a professional tutor delivering conflict management courses to corporate clients for the last 9 years. Vincent discovered RAID in 2010 and under the instruction of the founder Tremaine Kent he worked towards achieving his Level 3 RAID instructor’s qualification.

Dudley Self Defence Information

Dudley Self defence for your personal security needs

My Qualifications:

  • PTLLS Professional Trainer
  • Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) Instructor
  • 1886 Conflict Management Instructor
  • Self Defence Instructor – British Combat Association
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Crisis, Aggression, Limitation and Management Instructor
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Dudley Self Defence Courses & Classes:

  • Level 3 RAID Self Defence Intensive 2 Day Courses.
  • Level 2 Conflict Resolution Courses.
  • Level 2 Breakaway Concepts Courses.
  • Level 3 RAID Dudley Self Defence Classes – Conducted Every Tuesday Evening from 8 – 9 Pm
Dudley self defence

How to Contact Me:

RISC Associates Ltd
James House, Newport Road
Albrighton, WV7 3FA
Tel: 07725-086083

“Dudley Self defence for living safe in the city”