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Instructor Testimonials

“In 2010 I attended an intensive RAID course with the founder Tremaine Kent. I learned so much in that one weekend, not only about self defence but about myself. I was so impressed with the multi faceted elements of the RAID programme that I enquired about and was selected for the first RAID instructors course.

The instructors course took place at H2H Headquarters in Great Yarmouth in late 2011. I was walking into the unknown and had no clear expectations other than wanting to make the absolute most of the experience. The course was delivered by Tremaine Kent over 10 intensive days. We were taught how to teach using accelerated learning principles and had to prepare and deliver a number of criticised lessons to our peer group during the course. We were tested psychologically, emotionally and physically on a number of levels as well as developing a much deeper understanding of the history, development and science underpinning the RAID programme. My experiences on this course have developed my knowledge, confidence and self belief to a new level, to say it was an experience that I will never forget is an understatement. It was a life changing experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Post course I have been delivering the RAID level 3, 10 month programme in Birmingham UK along with my first intensive programme. It’s a buzz to deliver this outstanding material and know you are touching people’s lives in such a positive way. Along with the level 3 programmes we are delivering the level 2 courses to corporate clients and working alongside Tremaine on future projects.

In summary I would say Tremaine Kent is an inspirational instructor who clearly has a passion for communicating his material, but more than that, it is clear that he cares about the individuals he works with and his RAID teachings have a huge positive impact on people’s lives.”

Edward Dunne, Birmingham (Male) 
“The instructors course for RAID was something I set my targets on the first time I was introduced to It. RAID alone, is the best all round self defence system I have ever tried or heard of. The instructor course, kept the standard of the RAID level 3 course.

It was a difficult course with a huge amount of information to process in only 5 days. This was achievable with hard work from the students. The best thing about the course was the knowledge and understanding of RAID we left with. I personally left feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to teach my courses straight away.”

Keith Carrol, Essex (Male)