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Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution or options as we interpret it as, can lead you in many directions whether internal or external for instance internally you are governed by the amount of knowledge you have of a particular situation, the more knowledge you have of the situation the more options you can choose that’s why mental blue printing in training through progressive scenario replication is so important. Externally is the way you present yourself to mediate the situation, this is sometimes deceptive to the aggressor.

Within RAID we have the escalation ladder which outlines the extent of what is involved in creating options (resolving conflict) and coincides beautifully with the law that surrounds defence.

1. Communication
Communication is made up of sixty percent (60%) body language, twenty percent (20%) tone of voice and only ten percent (10%) of actual words spoken in a confrontation. The RAID system focuses on this early warning system in that if an aggressor can be persuaded to talk he may walk.

2. De-escalation
The main point in de-escalation is to be calm and speak in a non aggressive manner which is synonymous with the stance you adopt. From the initial confrontation, the body language you present and tone of voice can trigger aggression which fuels the attacker’s reason to become physical. From aggression once it has risen to a certain stage the sharp out burst of violence will be initiated.

3. Distraction
If communication and de-escalation is not working then a certain amount of distraction may give you the edge to exit the situation or to prepare for your defence. The methods of distraction are: • Verbal Distracting. • Physical Passive with Dialogue. • Physical Active. • Both Verbal and Physical.

4. Defend
Once past distraction you need to be in a position to defend yourself and the options available are now limited and leading towards the physical element. It is worth remembering that our primary directive is avoidance and not to get into this position in the first place, however this may be unavoidable and you will end up using the RAID scientific approach to defence strategies and tactics that may save your life.


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H2H Conflict Resolution Benefits:

  • Awareness and Conflict Management Concepts
  • Basic simplistic concepts
  • None Aggressive concepts for use in the workplace
  • Self Confidence and Positive Attitude Development
  • A designed Mental Blueprint which will become instinctive to you
  • A Qualification that amplifies your understanding
EDGE Awareness Seminar

Conflict Resolution Qualification Course

Our Conflict Resolution Qualification has been approved by Industry Qualifications (IQ) and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 2 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of knowledge and level of achievement involved. The course delivered over 3 hours to 1 day has a simply multiple choice tick test and Practical scenario based assessment, which leads to the IQ Level 2 RAID Conflict Resolution Qualification.

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