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Conflict Management

Conflict Management looks at how you can cope with a potential attack if you have been unable to avoid one. Now you are dealing with a greater potential of physical attack you will have to try and de-escalate or defuse the situation to allow you the potential of exit or prepare for any attack stimulus. Self defence is not just about the physical defence, in fact it is more of sixty percent (60%) psychological, twenty five percent (25%) emotional and only fifteen percent (15%) physical, with this in mind we have created a dynamic directive which roughly translates as an on the move execution of an order, which in this case is the pneumonic S.T.O.P.

So imagine that you have not been able to avoid a situation and you are confronted by an attacker? What do you do? What do you say? How do you react? Well all of these questions within traditional arts and systems would have you attack or defend as they put it.

I remember a guy at a tube station in London asking me for directions, but he was stood side onto me which I found strange and he had one arm behind his back, at that time the STOP directive was already in my mind and whilst providing directions my nearest hand was hovering around the arm behind his back covering it. All of a sudden he pulled something from his back pocket and I blocked his arm, only to find out that it was a network map of the stations. Now considering the time and environment I was right to be cautious so after seeing what it really was I apologised which he responded no problem and went on his way. The point to this story is that in most systems if you feel vulnerable and you have no conflict management training your auto response in this situation is either to freeze or attack because there is a knowledge void. By using the STOP dynamic directive you will be able to pilot yourself through the situation whilst remaining a lot safer and prepared for any stimulus.


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The S.T.O.P Emergency Directive

So what is the S.T.O.P. emergency directive? – No matter if someone is shoving you, shouting at you or if you feel that something is wrong and you detect a potential attack is about to happen, the STOP directive will place you physically and emotionally in a position of safety, to allow you the ability to cope with the situation. You will instinctively go through these processes and guides (above) without thought as the training will make it become natural and instinctive. No other directive has been designed to mimic the bodes natural instincts like the STOP Emergency directive.

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H2H Conflict Management Benefits:

  • Awareness and Conflict Management Concepts
  • An understanding of your natural body reflexes
  • Self Confidence and Positive Attitude Development
  • Empowerment and Personal Safety
  • A designed Mental Blueprint which will become instinctive to you
  • A Qualification that amplifies your understanding
EDGE Awareness Seminar

Conflict Management Qualification Courses

Our Conflict Management Qualifications have been designed to be taken as individual modular units or jointly over one or two days. The courses we provide are:

  • IQ Level 2 RAID Conflict Resolution Course
  • IQ Level 2 RAID Breakaway Concepts Course

Click on one the links below to view our training courses:

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Conflict Management for the Duty and Care of your Employees