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New Achievers in Self Defence

September 26, 2014


It has been more than 11 months of hard training and commitment in building self-reliance and esteem for the 6 ladies that have just completed their Level 3 RAID Self Defence qualification in Gorleston at the balckbelt academy on Suffolk road. This is the first level 3 qualification (equivalent to ‘A’ Level) of its kind in Norfolk which has been designed by local author Tremaine Kent.

With the rise of physical and sexual attacks in the local area the need for realistic defence and awareness concepts has never been so paramount, thus the ladies have completed a detailed level of instruction covering the Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) system which is a uniquely different approach to modern self-defence and conflict management. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Elite Special Forces, which has become one of the fastest taught and learnt systems today by both Military and Civilian sectors. This unique system has been designed to follow a systematic 5 step process, which you can learn and retain in such a short space of time. The RAID system has been created to give you a balanced recipe, to successfully defend yourself and provide heightened confidence in dealing with violent confrontations. RAID is unbiased of gender, age, ability or physical stature. The RAID system is designed for anyone that wishes to discover personal security and develop realistic self-defence concepts for the real world today. So as well as developing your survivability on the street, we also develop your academic portfolio as this course is a recognised Level 3 Qualification.

If you are interested in trying our self-defence to get fit and develop confidence on the streets of today then contact Tremaine on 07795483881 or


September 26, 2014


Recently whilst on holiday in France, I took my young son to an evening football match in Paris.
Whilst returning from the game on the Paris underground we were to leave the Metro and connect with a shuttle bus back to our accommodation. We were travelling alone and left the game a few minutes early to avoid the cramped conditions on the tube experienced on the way to the game.
Any underground stations in unfamiliar cities can be a little intimidating late at night (it was approximately 11.15pm when we got off the tube – way past his bedtime).
The route from the Metro exit to our Shuttle bus was short and should have presented little problem, however the exit signs and maze of tunnels from the underground platform were disorientating and confusing.

We had travelled on a line we had not used before and found ourselves emerging from the underground, alone, using an unfamiliar exit.
As I climbed the left hand side of the steps holding my sons hand, I became very aware that the only other person was a man leaning against the right hand side metal bannister at the top of the steps. The man glared at us in an intimidating manner as we climbed the steps and failed to take his eyes off us as we climbed the last few steps to get a view of our surroundings, previously obscured by the concrete walls either side of the steps.

He was not hunched on the floor, like some of the homeless people we had seen sitting near Metro exits, during the day. He was standing, leaning back slightly against the bannister. Both his hands were visible as we passed him, his weight resting on them, with both of them pressed on the metal railings. His eyes remained fixed on us. No other visible signs of aggression, but very sinister in his stare.

On reaching the top of the steps and beginning to move away from the station so as to ascertain whether we had exited correctly or not it became clear in our dark surroundings that the larger threat lay not necessarily with just the man still glaring at us, but with the environment we now found ourselves in.
We were presented with the possibility of being cut off from the rest of the city by fast moving, noisy but distant traffic circling a large, dark wooded roundabout we found ourselves stood on (we were at least a hundred or so feet from the road). A heavily ‘wooded parkland pathway’ with many trees obscuring our view of the distant drivers and their view of us led away from the station steps. Perhaps fine in the day, pretty disturbing at night in an unfamiliar city.

Presumably other subway tunnels must have led people off the traffic island to wherever they wanted to go, however none were immediately obvious in the darkness.
I kept checking on the position of the man whilst assessing the threat posed by the remote landscape we were now in. What R.A.I.D gave me was the presence of mind to stay calm and assess the surroundings, the stare and potential threat of the only other person near us without panicking my son or myself. What empowers most is knowing what you are going to say and do should the intimidation develop into something with closer contact.

After further assessing the potential threat posed by the man using the H.E.L.P principle (it’s amazing how something that appears to be just four letters on paper becomes so incredibly effective when you come to rely on it for real) – it became clear that returning into the station, even if this meant passing the glare of the man again whilst remaining several feet away from him (he had remained on the far right hand side of the steps), was the safest route to get my son back to our accommodation.

Although returning to the safe haven of the underground (they are not often called that!) may seem obvious, without utilising the principles learned at R.A.I.D, it is possible I may have been intimidated sufficiently to lead my son and I into a more threatening situation, just in order to get some distance between us and the man. (That would have meant being hemmed in by noise from distant traffic, on a dark, wooded path with no other obvious exit point apart from trying to reach and cross a hazardous road encircling us, to reach our shuttle bus stop).

The guiding principle that the man was not alone, if he was a genuine threat, made the unclear, dark and wooded location even more of a potential safety risk than the walk back past him. What was noticeable to me after the event, however free from drama it may appear on reflection, is the calmness and presence of mind I felt whilst the man’s eyes were fixed on us. His glare was intimidating, but I did not allow myself to be intimidated. Keeping my son safe was the priority but I was able to do so without panicking him.

I know myself well enough to understand my fears and concerns would have been far more noticeable to my little boy and the man (if his intentions really were as sinister as they appeared), had I not experienced R.A.I.D training.

Once back in the tube station we were able to ask for directions to the correct exit and were soon safely on the shuttle bus home.
I believe RAID has equipped me to take better care of my family if faced with a physical, verbal or psychological threat and that, to me, is priceless.

21 Year Old Man Attacks 15 Year Old Girl

March 29, 2014


A 21-year-old man from Great Yarmouth will appear at Norwich Crown Court next month following an incident in the town which left a teenage girl injured. Nathan Arnold, of Howard Street North, appeared at Norwich Magistrates’ Court this morning (Thursday) charged with robbery and assault.

He was charged by police overnight and is accused of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, robbery and possession of an offensive weapon, all in connection with an incident in the town’s Beatty Close in the early hours of Sunday. He was remanded in custody to appear at crown court on Friday, April 4.

This raises the question of the age that girls should start self defence classes as at RAID Self Defence Great Yarmouth we now have 2, 14 Year Old Girls training with the men and women, learning how to defend themselves. Read Full Story

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January 13, 2014

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